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MySpirometer fits in your hand, costs 85% less than anything available and meets American and European respiratory testing recommendations. It’s simple to use. Connect to your mobile device, exhale 3 maneuvers and go on about your day. Data is reported on your device and can be shared for interpretation.
More than 365 million people suffer from Asthma, COPD and rare lung disease like Cystic Fibrosis. These complications are the 3rd leading cause of death in the world. Today, less than 6% of handheld spirometers meet recommended standards, they are large, expensive and lack connectivity between healthcare providers and patients.


Routinely measuring lung function will help save lives and MySpirometer is the most cost effective, and accurate technology available for improved patient outcomes.

Ryan Roberts – Founder
Ryan Reichlyn CoFounder
Brian Daugherty – Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
Bill Eschenbacher, M.D. – Partner & technical direction
Hugo Troche – Interpretation software

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